Ravi Gaikwad’s efforts Bring Justice

Ravi Gaikwad’s efforts Bring Justice :-

A large-scale uproar was underway that involved touts helping people with forged documents enabling them to receive new autorickshaw permits. This racket was extracted by the Borivali RTO with the assistance of the Mumbai police. They unraveled a number of applications with fake no objection certificated (NOCs) and Ravi Gaikwad Mumbai head of the RTO was instrumental in having four accused arrested though two are released on bail.

The man who went to the roots- Ravi Gaikwad Mumbai

On June 2nd, 2018, the case was registered successfully against Yogendra Singh. Singh had applied for the license of autorickshaw with Vijaykrishna’s help who is a representative of the Dhadak Autorickshaw Taxi Chalak Maklak Union. This case was registered at the MHB police station. Ravi Gaikwad IPS mentioned that Yogendra Singh had put in an application for a permit in 2017 and the provided legal documents which were found to be counterfeit, including the Character Certificate issued via the auto-rickshaw union, all this done under the careful watch of Vijaykrishna Pandey.

Ravi Gaikwad in Mumbai stated that during the process of verification, the office had received a feedback form from the police. This form stated that the character certificate was forged. Also, Singh had criminal cases registered his name.

More revelations- Ravi Gaikwad

It was also revealed that the officers at Borivali RTO were threatened by Pandey and pressured into the signing of Letters of Intent (LOI) for the permits. Ravi Gaikwad of Solapur even spoke about how the Character certificate is an essential document in the process of issuing an autorickshaw permit as it not only verifies residence but it also proves that the applicant has no criminal record. Gaikwad of the Mumbai RTO says that 15 FIRs have been filed in the span of a year relating to forged documents by numerous applicants and also for pressuring the RTO officials.

The FIRs that Ravi Gaikwad IPS filed against the nab agents’ helped in the forming their arrest warrants. The list of nab agents included the names of Samir Shrimant, Murlidhar Yadav, Bablu Tiwari, Dhumal, Kamlesh Pal, Santosh Mishra and more. Santosh was a standout suspect as the 42-year-old owns a tour and travels business and was presented in front of the court and remained in police custody till 19th January.

The work couldn’t have been better!

The work done by the RTO and its head, Ravi Gaikwad RTO is commendable as they played a contributory part in the in bringing this racket out into the daylight and potentially preventing many more similar crimes that may have been committed in the future. It is a sad state of affairs when corrupt agents pressure the government the Borivali RTO along with Ravi Gaikwad IPS are model officers when it comes to fighting crime.