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Ravi’s Dream

Ravi Gaikwad’s vision at all times has been to strive for all noble causes of the society. The prime cause being making this nation an accident free one. He has been instrumental in organizing several events to raise awareness among the masses! Ravi genuinely
feels that people of this city and this state are his responsibility and he has taken it upon himself to make this generation next, an aware lot in terms of safe driving Ravi envisages a state that is noise pollution free. This vision
motivated him to collaborate with several celebrities from the world of cinema. Several videos were shot in association with the celebs to raise awareness. They all urge us to not honk unnecessarily and make this city a place where
there is no noise pollution. They iterate that fact that it is essential to not honk around hospitals and schools. They tell us in various ways how to stay away from honking and how it is treated as a personal insult in places outside




Horn Not OK Pls – T20 Match For Road Safety Awareness

India is a nation that is passionate about Cricket. Ravi Gaikwad started working towards his dream, a dream to see a day when no road accidents happen in this country. A step ahead in this

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  • Gold medal engineering

    Gold medal engineering

    “Gold medals are not really made of Gold. They are made of sweat, determination and hard-to-find alloy called guts – Don Gable”

    The above quote is true to the achievement of Ravi Gaikwad who has won the award of Best Engineer. He is also a gold medalist that elevates his credentials to the next level. With immense Hard-Work and dedication, Ravi reached the zenith in this regard.
    This achivement holds more value as instead of choosing a lucrative career in any other field, he chose public services. This service attitude has earned him followers in Lakhs.

  • largest handball league for road safety awareness

    largest handball league for road safety awareness

    “A leader is someone who knows the way, goes the way and shows the way – John Maxwell”

    With the Handball League, Ravi Gaikwad aimed at showing his people the way towards being safe on the roads. This was considered the largest Hand Ball League and earned public attention as well. As a leader of the people he chose to promote this cause
    and ensure that all roads in this state as free of accidents and this is just the right step in that direction.

  • Chairman of hand ball federation of india

    Chairman of hand ball federation of india

    “Do your little bit of good where you are; its those little bits of good that overwhelm the world – Desmond Tutu”

    Ravi wanted to do his bit for the society as a player, as a public servant. He brought in his expertise in sports to reach out to people and increase Road Safety Awarness.

  • President of Handball Association of Maharashtra

    President of Handball Association of Maharashtra

    “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much – Helen Keller”

    As the President of Handball Association of Maharashta, Ravi Gaikwad ensured that an army of youngsters joined hands with him for the betterment of the society. Using sports as the basis to reach out to the population. Ravi Gaikwad did a great job and
    continues to excel in his attempts to increase Road Safety Awareness amongst the youth!

  • largest bike rally for roads safety awarness certificate

    largest bike rally for roads safety awarness certificate

    “Great leaders rally people to a better future – Marcus Buckingham”

    Ravi Gaikwad promoted the largest Bike Rally for raising awareness for Road Safety measures. This is what great leaders do; they influence the younger generation to be aware about what is safe and what is not! Ravi too is trying his best through his initiatives
    to put the younger lot on track. One such initiative was the largest Bike Rally.


Ravi’s effort

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