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Currently Government Official Chief of RTO Thane (Konkan Range).

Ravi Gaikwad RTO is a dedicated officer, having euphoric academic records across various fields and has represented his cricket skills at high professional levels. Ravi Gaikwad RTO is also the Chairman of Handball Federation
of India, one of the 34 Federations of Indian Olympics Association (IOA) and is also on the body of IOA.

  • Education


    Ravi Gaikwad was exceptionally talented in academics and had earned several awards, accolades and national scholarships during his school and college days. Ravi Gaikwad studied in Little Flower Convent
    High School and stood in the merit list of the H.S.C Pune Board. He also stood first in English in Pune Board and also across all Maharashtra boards with respect to H.S.C. Ravi Gaikwad is a gold
    medalist in Engineering and has won two gold medals.

    Ravi Gaikwad completed his Engineering in Electronics and Telecommunication and stood first in Engineering in all the branches of the University and the entire state of Maharashtra. His record is unbeatable
    as yet! He also successfully presented a revered project in IIT Mumbai. Being an expert in Indian & worldwide Constitutions, he composed a separate draft on the Indian Constitution. Ravi Gaikwad
    also won two other Gold Medals for exceptional achievement in academics.

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    Ravi Gaikwad has an illustrious career, spanning across several industries with expertise. His detailed study on International Relations and Foreign Policy is of immense honor. He was appointed as the
    Editor of the “The Parliament” magazine being published from the Indian Parliament. Moreover, he worked as a Chief Editor of various magazines that won several awards and accolades. He worked as
    the youngest research scientist with the TATAs in TATA Engineering and Locomotives Pvt. Ltd. (TELCO), before joining the Government of Maharashtra. He played a crucial role in getting several multinationals
    and research design centers in India before joining the government As a mentor and guide to young talents, he also helped several upcoming engineers get placement across many important positions,

    He has accomplished himself at the topmost level of the corporate world for excellent proficiency and management skills in almost all large reputed multinationals and Indian companies. He continuously
    receives offers to join in the leadership teams of the corporate world as a CEO and/or MD and is recognized with special distinction in the corporate world. This garnered him a lot of respect amongst
    all top industrialists and personalities who are economic leaders of the country.

    Ravi Gaikwad RTO also has two Guiness Book Of World Records in his name. One for organizing the largest road safety bike rally with DRTO Borivali, Mumbai on 31st January, 2016. Ravi Gaikwad RTO won the
    other one for organizing the largest handball lesson in Solapur for the cause of road Safety in Maharashtra on 20th February 2016.



Ravi Gaikwad is the founder of the Road Safety World Series,who integrated concept of Road Safety with sports to save lives on Indian roads and across the globe.

Putting together a league of this breadth, with the involvement of top stars, even retired ones, from around the world, is no easy task and the man who has been supporting for the cause of Road Safety is Mr Ravi Gaikwad, Senior Member of Road Safety Cell, Government of Maharashtra.

After climbing the ladder of age-group Cricket through the Under-15, 17 and 19 categories, he found his calling during a Ranji Trophy camp for Maharashtra when in his early twenties.

For someone who was the H. Sc. topper in the state and Double Gold Medallist In Engineering , his love for cricket was explicitly high. But, he managed to leave the camp midway and decided to dedicate his days ahead to academia. After engineering, Mr Ravi Gaikwad joined the TATAs as a scientist.
But after clearing Civil Services, he joined the RTO department and started taking various initiatives to create awareness towards road safety.

The Road Safety World Series, the T20 cricket event which will be played between legends of India, Australia, South Africa, West Indies and Sri Lanka in February next year, gave him an opportunity to return to his first love (cricket) and at the same time work on his Mission To Save Lives on the roads.

Mr Ravi Gaikwad , who is notable for his eloquence while speaking as demonstrated by the popularity of his speeches on online platforms enhancing the image and effectiveness of Shant Bharat Surakshit Bharat explains the importance of Road Safety in Road Safety World Series. Many note that it is his combination of wit, charm, wry humour, and intelligence that make him accessible and held in high esteem, both in India and abroad. He has won several awards one of them being Best Engineer Award from the Engineering Association of India (EAI). Mr Ravi Gaikwad believes that Road Safety World Series , the noble initiative to integrate Sports with a serious cause hampering the nation’s growth, will be able to Save Lives on Indian roads. Maharashtra Chief Minister Shree Udhav Thakre honoured Ravi Gaikwad for his contribution towards Road Safety in reducing the number of accidents and deaths on the Indian roads.

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Apart from academics, Ravi Gaikwad is highly celebrated in the game of cricket. He was selected for Ranji Trophy Camp in First Class Level. He was also selected in the Cooch-Bihar Trophy under 19 tournament. He
represented his University & State in several tournaments and led his teams as a captain to win trophies at various levels of the game. Ravi Gaikwad was part of the National Camp and several other camps
of repute. Ravi Gaikwad was captain of several other cricket teams at club, school, university, district and state level.

ravi’s accolades

If you are in the luckiest 1% of humanity,you owe it to the rest of humanity to think about the other 99%

– warren buffet

Ravi Gaikwad is a firm believer of this quote! He thinks of it as his moral duty to take care of his city and his country. That is the reason Ravi has promoted multiple initiatives in the direction of promoting road safety,
trying to make this city safe and a noise free zone.

Several activities that he planned were for the betterment of the society and with Ravi Gaikwad we can be rest assured that this society has enough resources to fight the evils of ignorance!

Ravi is passionate about sports and this passion was seen in several activities that he organized in order to promote safety on Indian roads. He was instrumental in association with celebrities from various walks of life
to promote the Horn not ok campaign. This

Certificates Road Rally

largest bike rally for roads safety awarness certificate

Great leaders rally people do a better future – Marcus Buchingham

Cricket for a Cause Mumbai, Maharashtra Cricket for a Cause Mumbai, Maharashtra Road Safety Masters World Cup 2018 Cricket for a Cause Mumbai, Maharashtra.Cricket for a Cause Mumbai, Maharashtra
Cricket for a Cause Mumbai, Maharashtra Road Safety Masters World Cup 2018 Cricket for a Cause Mumbai, Maharashtra

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largest bike rally for roads safety awarness certificate

Great leaders rally people do a better future – warren buffet

Cricket for a Cause Mumbai, Maharashtra Cricket for a Cause Mumbai, Maharashtra Road Safety Masters World Cup 2018 Cricket for a Cause Mumbai, Maharashtra.Cricket for a Cause Mumbai, Maharashtra
Cricket for a Cause Mumbai, Maharashtra Road Safety Masters World Cup 2018 Cricket for a Cause Mumbai, Maharashtra

  • vision

    “Great people stand out from others by their visions and not much by their intelligence.”

    – amit rey

    Ravi Gaikwad’s vision at all times has been to strive for all noble causes of the society. The prime cause being making this nation an accident free one. He has been instrumental in organizing several events to
    raise awareness among the masses! Ravi genuinely feels that people of this city and this state are his responsibility and he has taken it upon himself to make this generation next, an aware lot in terms of safe

    Ravi envisages a state that is noise pollution free. This vision motivated him to collaborate with several celebrities from the world of cinema. Several videos were shot in association with the celebs to raise awareness.
    They all urge us to not honk unnecessarily and make this city a place where there is no noise pollution. They iterate that fact that it is essential to not honk around hospitals and schools. They tell us in
    various ways how to stay away from honking and how it is treated as a personal insult in places outside India

  • mission

    Ravi’s mission is To live for the cause of humanity. As a representative of the people, Ravi’s mission is to ensure that the roads of this city are safest for one and all. He strives hard to reach out to the masses
    and ensure that they drive home safely to their loved ones.